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Some Things You Should Know About ADP Mobility Solutions


There are a lot of things one must know about ADP mobility solutions. If you are interested about this recent mobile application development, then make sure to read this article. You will not only be able to learn the basics about this application but also you will be able to know the many benefits it brings. This application is specifically beneficial for any working employee. So if you are one, then do make sure to get this mobile application now.


ADP mobility solutions is a self-service type of mobile application. This mobile application is capable of letting every employee access their work records such as calendar, benefits, time cards, schedules, pay, and retirement funds.


Mobility solutions for adp portal is capable of letting their viewers take a look at their net pay. Moreover, they are also able to closely check their pay statements in the previous pay periods as well as their current pay details. This application can be accessed in any type of mobile device as long as there is an existing browser that is supported by it. Each employee is also given the opportunity to check for any core HR information that they want to obtain. Examples of which are as follows: company news and events, job profile, personal profile, spending accounts, and paid time off accruals. Moreover, any employee can take a look at the balances that they have for the year and be able to check their original pay statement in PDF format. This can also be emailed to them if they apply for any credit. With this application, employees are also entitled to search for other employees within their company, update their profile information, and add notes to their time cards.


This application is specifically developed by Automatic Data Processing, Inc (ADP). This can also be downloaded free for human capital management customers of the vendor themselves. The first version of this application was released in the year of 2011 and then followed by different updates. This application is constantly being updated every thirty days and have undergone numerous design changes. In the year of 2013, the company has also introduced a touch ID, where users can simply log in the application with the use of their fingerprints. In August of 2016, it has garnered about 8.5 million registered users of the ADP mobility application in addition to the 3 million new users that were registered in the previous year. For every month, there are about 3 million users who are active. This application comes in 27 different languages. As of this writing, 200,000 companies are making use of this application for their employees.


So, make sure to never miss out on this new innovation with adp login.